Bathroom renovation is one of the most popular home renovations there is, have you thought of spicing up your bathroom? Well, look no further for tips of colours and design for the modern bathroom!

Tired of your bathroom? Want a new, fresh, modern look? Well, look no further, we are here to help!

Firstly, beware, this will cost from 8,000 to 10,000 dollars USD to complete this, and this is only for a small bathroom.

Next, what in for bathrooms? Well, for one, big statement pieces! Having a standout mirror can change the whole dynamic of your bathroom. A bright and high contrast wallpaper can make any space look large and infuses art with interior design!

Also, a nice palette is optimal. Especially a neutral one, this shows a classic bathroom but with a splash of tastefulness. To keep a modern look, add grey monochromatic colours to counteract with the neutral colours. Or have one colour that stands out from the rest, such as a red or green, this creates a splash of colour and brightness.

Need a sultry and dark colour scheme? Black and white contrast bathrooms, bold and black bathrooms are in the in. This creates a high-end and rich look to the bathroom. Spice it up with statement pieces of art to contrast the plain colours. Mix this up with marble patterns, the best combinations are black and white and grey and white marble as this is most important ever to a number of people who are well-known.

Futuristic bathrooms are no longer a thing of the future! Smart toilets, showers and sinks are in the in (with quite a bit of money of course). There are showers that start automatically to a specific temperature when commanded to do so. Something more common is Bluetooth speakers that are voice commanded to play music and do various tasks.

Pink is also in the in, the versatile variety can spice up any bathroom. A big thing in the colour world is rose gold! The pretty colour is good for any pipes in your bathroom as well as lights and sinks. You can incorporate these into a big bathtub, which is also a trend, these space for relaxation is a big thing for people nowadays, as stress as prominent.

Now, on to costs.

A bathtub on average can be from 400 dollars USD to 8,000 dollars USD. Cabinets are a bit more expensive and can be the most expensive part, this ranges from 1,200 dollars USD to 13,000 dollars USD. Countertops range from 900 dollars USD to 6,500 dollars used. Flooring ranges in 800 to 7,000 dollars USD. Lighting can cost from 120 dollars USD to 4,000 dollars USD as far as it is concerned. Shower installation has a very big range at 450 dollars USD to 10,000 USD dollars. Sink installation range in 190 dollars USD to 6,500 dollars USD. Toilet installation is the cheapest of the group, ranging in 130 dollars USD to 780 dollars USD.

Conclusion: Bathroom renovations cost A LOT, but once costs are covered, you can get creative with many modern ideas as well as trends!

January 2020